The Art of Rolling Workshop

The Art of Rolling Workshop


Workshops take place @JAHArtHouse Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Upon purchasing voucher, book selected date and time on the booking page.

What we’ll do

You will enter the space with light music playing, & the burning of either incense, frankincense & myrrh resin and/or sage to clean the space.

There will be a choice of herbs for your herbal smoking blends, each serving a specific function in the body.

We will briefly introduce ourselves & discuss what each person is interested in blending.

The group will then break into small groups of 2 or 3.

I will start the class teaching the benefits and function of each herb. We will then discuss smoking blend ratios. We can also discuss ratios for blending herbs with cigarettes or cannabis for those who are interested in cutting.

In your small group, you will then pick a selection of herbs to make your blend.

As you craft, I will talk about the benefits and safety of vaporizing vs smoking, and the combustion temperatures for the herbs we are using. (Vaporizing warms plant material enough to release its beneficial compounds without creating a harmful combustion).

In total, you will take home a smoking blend kit, 2 personally rolled herbal cigarettes, & a wealth of newfound information.

Smoking blends DO NOT include nicotine or cannabis. We are ONLY using plant material.

What else you should know

Please let me know if you have any allergies or any concerns.

What I'll provide

  • Plant Materials

  • Tins

  • Rolling Papers

  • Grinder/Mortar & Pestle

  • Rose Water

  • Essential Oils

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